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Having the same language is The greatest advantage that an immigrant from Latin America could find if you decide to enter Spain, but Spain will also be found other languages spoken at some areas This makes Spain be society cosmopolitan accepts other languages. Spain, like many European countries, is one of the higher percentages of aging population, this particular circumstance promotes welcoming immigrants Young entering the labor market Spanish and occupy sites work only may be granted a un particular age group. This represents a great advantage for immigrants from Latin Latin, which is one of higher levels of young people in world. For its historical constitution, Spain It has been a country open immigration. Spain is a great place studying, the university has one very high level of activity is priority nationwide. After England to Ireland, Spain is the third European country destination student foreign university.

According to recent studies the origin of immigrants in Spain, is mostly latin america (36,21%), with countries as Ecuador the Colombia, followed by Western Europe (21,06%), that most important in Here is UK and Germany, found after the immigration of eastern europe (17,75%) Romania, Bulgaria the Polonia, other important is the immigration North Africa (14,83%) con Marruecos y Argelia , others would the immigrants Onfrica sub-Sahariana (4,12%), Far East (2,72%), Indian subcontinent (1,46%), Of America North (0,66%), middle East (0,44%), Oceania (0,06 %).

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