Airport transit visa

Nationals of countries included in the list of countries under required of airport transit visa are obligados to be possession of a airport transit visa.

Visa applications airport transit must be submitted through a Form application duly completed (original and copy), which can be downloaded free Web Site the you also can be obtained free at offices Diplomatic of Spain the Consular foreign.

Visas be applied in person or by representative duly accredited office Diplomatic Spanish the Consular the district in which applicant resides legally. If there office Diplomatic Spanish the Consular in a given country, visas transit airport, they can apply at Diplomatic office or Consular Office representing Spain in said country. Introducing demand visa, se debe pagar una cuota (And general, 60 €), will not reembolsble en case that the application is denied. In certain cases, which should be consulted in diplomatic offices Spanish the Consular, current legislation sets a reduction or exemption rate. Other requirements should be consulted in Diplomatic office or Consular Office in that visa requests, as they may vary by country of Applicant origin.

The term for processing visa applications transit airport is 15 calendar days after which I made the request. This period may be extended to a maximum of 30 days natural in cases concrete, especially required conduct a review more detailed application. Exceptionally, where Specific in which are necessary documents additional, this period may extended to a maximum of 60 calendar days. In Should is issued visa airport transit, must be contained personally Office The diplomatic Consular, but also may pick a representative duly authorized , within month after notification emission. In Should a visa is refused, the applicant will be notified medium a standard form indicating the grounds for refusal. POdra stand to the High Court Justice Madrid, andn Here, one for judicialadministrative within two months following the date of notification, you also, optionally, one administrative appeal to the Diplomatic office or Consular Office within month after negative.

The application of a airport transit visa must be submitted by Form application duly completed (original and copy), downloadable free from the web the you also can be obtained free on all Offices Consular foreign Spain. El Application Form must be accompanied by:

A photograph passport size Current en color, head on, white background, which is attached the application form.

The passport valid travel document for the period of during which requested the visa. Must be accompanied by one photocopy A4 of the 2 first pages and, if it has been renovation, the renewal page.

The pasaporte the document Travel must have been issued within 10 years before schedule Travel. Passports the travel documents renewed whose first expedition occurred do not accepted over 10 years.

The the passport travel document must be at least two blank pages.

Passports the travel documents visibly damaged, damaged in whole or partly, any of the panels the disengaged torn or have leaves Reading magnetic stripe will be rejected. If you have doubts, recommend that you read renew your passport.

Caveat: A visa Schengen loses its validity when passport caduca o canceled.

Documents that try the Travel, including reservation of Passengers plane manned with an airline accredited by IATA (Association International Air Transport) (original and photocopy A4).

Los documents relating to the onward journey to final destination after the airport transit (original and one photocopy A4). Must test guarantee Admission in the país de destino para que sea aprobada la visa para el transito by Spain (for example, it can provide the entry visa the country which traveling).

In If the applicant is under eighteen years, should present their ID card (original and one photocopy A4). Si el child is traveling the soil with parent, must submit authorization to travel from the person exercising parental rights issued a notary the for juvenile judge duly annotated by the Ministry of Affairs Foreign.

Provide the amount of the visa in if he should pay.