The student visa allows a stay in Spain to study or conduct research for stays longer than three months.
The application must be submitted in person.
They can simultaneously requested visas for spouses and minor children of 18 Student years.
This visa will be stamped on your passport before and must be presented to Immigration authorities at the point of entry of the Schengen countries.
Documents you must submit to apply for student visa:

  • 2 Visa Application Forms, and Supplementary Request Form: Los formularios deben estar firmados y cumplimentados con letra de imprenta.
  • Passport. The passport must be valid for the period of stay in Spain and have at least one blank page for the visa.
    Also provide one of the following identity: driving license, documento de identidad estatal o carné de estudiante en vigor .
  • 2 color photographs with white background (passport size).
  • Carta de aceptación de la Universidad o escuela española, or program of study in your country, specifying : name, address and registration number of the school with the Ministry of Education of Spain; Full payment of tuition fees; duration of studies; materials; weekly class hours, at least 20.
  • Health Insurance (original): Must provide medical and accident insurance with international coverage for the requested period of stay in Spain for a minimum of 30.000 euros (or its equivalent in dollars) and including repatriation.
  • Livelihoods: Please provide one of the following documents:
  1. Statement of the University or Spanish school, curriculum or their country, assuming full financial responsibility for expenses and lodging ( often included in the Letter of Acceptance).
  2. Prueba de ayuda financiera o de beca de al menos 1000 dólares por mes de estancia para alojamiento y manutención.
  3. Notarized letter from parents or guardians assuming full financial responsibility for expenses and lodging for at least 1000 dollars per month of stay. Suggested text: "I hereby certify that I am the (father, mother, other, etc.) of (…) I will cover your stay in Spain 1000 dollars a month and I am responsible for any expenses incurred in emergency ".
  4. Estados personales de cuenta de al menos 1000 dollars per month of stay.
  • Payment rate.
  • Letter of Authorization (under 18 years): Notarized letter from parents or guardians.
  • Certificado de antecedentes penales “Certificate of Absence of Police Records” (only stays higher 180 days) del Departamento de Policía de todos los lugares donde ha residido el solicitante en los últimos cinco años. Must certify that they have a criminal record. This certificate must be legalized with the Apostille of The Hague. If the certificate is issued outside the USA. must be legalized by the corresponding Consulate of Spain.
  • Medical Certificate (only stays higher 180 days): Declaration of a physician on your letterhead indicating who has examined the student and who is in good physical and mental condition to travel and study abroad and no infectious diseases, drug addiction or mental illness
    Interested parties should submit originals and copies of the above requirements,
    The request shall be maximum 4 meses antes del viaje y no más tarde de 3 semanas antes de viajar.

Durante el primer mes a contar desde su llegada a España debe también solicitar la prórroga de estancia hasta completar sus estudios y la correspondiente tarjeta de estudiante en la Policía Nacional.
The visa entitles transit to and from Schengen countries for a maximum of Spain 5 days (total).