Enables to reside in Spain without carrying out employment or professional activities.
They are necessary 3 Visa Application Forms: duly completed and signed, they must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • 3 color photographs with white background (passport size).
  • Valid passport with validity of one year.
  • Documents proving family ties.
  • Criminal record, equivalent document, in the case of criminal applicant over age, to be issued by the authorities of the country of origin or the country or countries you have resided during the past five years and in which convictions should not contain existing offenses under Spanish legislation apostille or is of a non-signatory “Hague Convention” legalized.
  • Medical Certificate, where it is mentioned that no infectious diseases, substance abuse or mental illness.
  • Documents proving sufficient means to meet their living expenses and subsistence, including where appropriate, of your family, during the period of time for which you wish to reside in Spain, without having to develop any kind of work.
  • Payment of fee.

Applicants must submit original and 2 Copies of the above requirements.
The time resolution of this type of visa is three months, counting the time while consulting the Government Delegation or Sub, the place where it will reside in Spain. After this period, the application shall be deemed refused.
In the event of grant of the visa, foreign person to pick up within one month of notification. If not collected within this time, means that the person has waived the visa granted and the matter will be.
The visa will be valid only for Spain but may move up to five days for the territory of the Schengen States.
Once collected the visa, abroad must enter Spain in the term thereof and after making the entry, which must necessarily be included in the passport or travel document, you must apply in person within one month residency card.